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DNS / MX question

After getting renumbered again, and having AT&T admin on their support
site that "we, um, are sorta having a problem serving DHCP and giving out
people their IP address and stuff", I'm seriously thinking of other
options.   DSL would mena about half the bandwidth for much more money,
but if I felt that it would be more reliable, it might be worth it (also
getting a statit IP would help).

I thought of another crazy idea, though.  If the world could not see my
remarkable web page for a day or so, I won't be crying over it too much.
It's the mail server I worry about.  Would it be possible to make a deal
with someone who had a solid connection such that mail destined for
* wold be sent to their box, and I can fetchmail it off,
while all other protocols would go to my box for *  I think
that's the whole purpose of MX records, right?  Let's say all the DNS
records for at (where I bought that domain
from) are set to, which is what AT&T gave me the last time,
except the MX record, which is pointing to Joe Shmoe's box (
at  Would that work?  How would I send mail?  WHen I use
fetchmail to get mail into my box, who will it be to?


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