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Cron Mystery

On Mon, 21 May 2001, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> Just a guess, but remember that cron expects a Bourne Shell Script, not
> a Perl script. I have several Bourne scripts that run under cron and send
> email. Remember that cron does not execute your ~/.profile, so you may
> need to update your path and other variables. You can easily solve the
> problem by writing a short Bourne Shell script as a wrapper around your
> Perl script.

Also remember that when cron runs your job, it will _NOT_ have your
default path.

Maybe sendEmail() tries to execute sendmail or mail without a path.  Try
copying your root's $PATH and set it explicitly at the top of your cron
file (you can set vars in your crontab file just like in a shell script).

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