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Misc. Probs

On 21 May 2001, Ryan Norris wrote:

> Been working on getting all my toys running in Linux...have given up on
> my TV card, as for some reason the i2c module wasn't installed
> originally - and I haven't felt like recompiling quite yet...
> But have had other issues -
> 1.  The box i'm running is sitting behind a windows gateway (NAT), and
> linux keeps resolving it's nameserver as that gateway address - when in
> fact i need it to resolve the ip addresses of my ISP's DNS as
> nameservers.  But every time i reboot the machine (i'm dual booting with
> win98 for some applications i still use over there) it trashes the
> resolv.conf file and sticks with the NAT gateway as it's lone
> nameserver.  i went as far as making resolve.conf readonly - but it
> didn't help.  any ideas?

Is your linux box getting it's IP from the Windows box via DHCP?
Either way, the script that's overwriting /etc/resolv.conf is almost
certainly in /etc/sysconfig/network-stripts.  Grep the files in there for

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