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Misc. Probs

On 21 May 2001, Ryan Norris wrote:

> 1.  The box i'm running is sitting behind a windows gateway (NAT), and
> resolv.conf file and sticks with the NAT gateway as it's lone
> nameserver.  i went as far as making resolve.conf readonly - but it
> didn't help.  any ideas?

   Redhat 7.1, right?  In that case, you need to tell pump (the DHCP
client) not to update the resolv.conf file.  It looks like the option is
'-d' or '--no-dns'.  It looks like you can specify this by sticking
"PEERDNS=no" in a config file, maybe

> 2.  Audio.  MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc, work fine, crystal clear on my SB Live!
> BUT - Cd Audio doesn't work.  It works under windows, but not in linux.
> the mixer has everything there a kernel module for CD audio
> i should know about?  would it be presumptious to assume that it is
> usually isntalled by default with the kernel anyhow?

   There shouldn't be a kernel issue here.  This might be a dumb question,
but do you have an analog audio patch cable from your CD to the SB Live?
Windows might be doing digital CD-Audio, which would make the cable
unnecessary.  I don't know of a way to do this in Linux, but only because
I personally haven't looked.


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