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rh7.1 pblms

I ran into similar telnet/rsh/ssh issues on my
first rh7.1 install attempt.  I chose the "high"
firewall setting and no amount of tinkering with
ipchains (the default, not iptables...), or
host.[allow|deny], or /etc/xinet.d/* files would
let me in from the outside even though I could
telnet/ssh/ftp/etc... from the rh7.1 box to the
rest of the world with no problem.  Just to test
my sanity, I reinstalled with the "none" firewall
setting, and I can now get in.  I'll update when
I figure out what needs to be set to what...

Gordon Keegan

--- dan moylan <jdm34 at> wrote:
> background:

( le snip!)

> (2.) the ethernet card is found ok and works fine to
> ping and be
> pinged by the other linux boxes on my netgear 4-port
> router.  the
> one problem i had under rh6.2 persists, however.  (i
> naively hoped
> it might go away if i did a fresh reinstallation.) 
> from the rh7.1
> desktop box i can telnet and rcp to/from the
> laptops, but not
> vice-versa.  hosts, hosts.allow, hosts.deny, and
> hosts.equiv are
> identical on all three machines.  since the printer
> is attached
> to the rh7.1 box, remote printing doesn't work,
> though locally
> it's fine.  so it's rcp the file in and print
> locally.  ain't
> that ugly?
> any sage advice?
> tia,
> dan

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