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   [Jerry Feldman:]
   Why can't your run a nameserver behind a linksys router? You can open up 
   the name service ports or you can declare one host as a dmz host.

The problem is NAT: you can open up port 53, and the nameserver can
respond to incoming requests, but when that response hits the
firewall, its return address doesn't get rewritten with the firewall's
address; thus, the host that issued the original request doesn't
realize it's gotten a response.

At least, that was my diagnosis when I was trying to run tinydns
behind a Linksys, and I think I tried every trick on the Web form
before giving up, buying a second hub, and putting the nameserver
outside the firewall.  Maybe more recent versions of the firmware fix
this problem, or maybe the four-port Linksys is smarter about this
than the one-port Linksys.

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