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Trying to push text to pager via URL

On Mon, 28 May 2001, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
>I have an Arch Wireless work pager (alpha-numeric) and Arch's web site
>provides a URL to send a page through.  How can I send text to the URL via
>a shell script?   I currently try to send a message to <my
>pager> but pushing through the URL would be faster and
>more reliable.
>I often use wget to retrieve/pull info.   What can I use to push info?

Pipe it to telnet. Example for bash (all one line):

    (echo -ne "GET /Tools/ HTTP/1.0\n\n"
    && sleep 1) | telnet localhost 80

I put `sleep 1` because the server needs the connection
to stay up a bit (maybe for returning HTML, but you won't see that);
otherwise, apache seemed to ignore it (nothing showed up in

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