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BBLISA: Trying to push text to pager via URL

There are several Internet paging protocols supported by most paging 
companies.  For example: SMTP, SNPP, WCTP, TAP (usually modem only, but 
sometimes Internet too).  I'm not sure if you could get any to work with 
just a shell script though. Most of the protocols are interactive.  If 
you know Expect (I hate that crappy language), then SNPP may be a good 
option.  You could even do SMTP directly, without relying on mail 
exchangers.  WCTP requires an XML-formatted post to their web server, so 
if you know how to write some socket code, it's a snap.  

Also check Arch's web site for development packages.  (I don't know Arch, 
but SkyTel has free C libraries for some of their supported protocols.).  
Java may be available too soon.  There are some excellent WCTP links at 
SkyTel's developer site (buried somewhere under the "partners" heading).

FYI, my company writes paging software that works with our "Augur" Fault 
Management System, but we haven't gotten around to selling the paging 
stuff separately.  Maybe we could package parts as stand-alone freebies 
in the future?  I'll drop a note if/when we do, but don't hold your 
breath.  The soonest we could do it would be August.

Chris Janicki
Industrious Activities, Inc.

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On 5/28/01, 9:46:09 PM, Scott Ehrlich <se at> wrote regarding Re: 
BBLISA: Trying to push text to pager via URL:

> We use qpage at work, but at home I only have one phone line, and want to
> rely on my cable-modem connection for communication with the pager
> company.

> But thanks.

> Scott

> On Mon, 28 May 2001, Andrew Y Kobayashi wrote:

> > when i had to set something like this up i didn't want the dependency on
> > our Internet link (that was one of the things that i was monitoring.) I
> > got a package called "qpage" which, among its documentation, had a
> > splendid list of major paging services and the phone number that you call
> > to send a message. You'll need a modem and an analog line (and the qpage
> > package), but it worked fine for me.
> >
> > Don't know if Arch is on the list, but you can check.
> >
> >             --ayk
> >
> > On Mon, 28 May 2001, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> >
> > > Hello again:
> > >
> > > I have an Arch Wireless work pager (alpha-numeric) and Arch's web site
> > > provides a URL to send a page through.  How can I send text to the URL 
> > > a shell script?   I currently try to send a message to <my
> > > pager> but pushing through the URL would be faster and
> > > more reliable.
> > >
> > > I often use wget to retrieve/pull info.   What can I use to push info?
> > >
> > > Thanks.
> > >
> > > Scott
> > >
> > >
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> > >
> >
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