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X10 discount


Funny, I just added them to my personal spammers list as since I bought some
gear there a few days ago, they have sent me no less than THREE of the
HURRY - just X days left to buy more stuff at deep discount.... Not a good
marketing tactic in my book, but apparently this is SOP for them:

>From their Recruiting pages - it seems that they focus on impulse buyers:
Web Developer
Requirements: Experience in advertising that sells to impulse buyers -
direct action! Excellent understanding of selling and marketing
communications issues. 2 years web design/selling online experience.
Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with daily deadlines.

Otherwise what is your overall impression of the X10 gear?  I just bought a
ton of it, but I am not as happy as I thought I would be.  The cameras are
extremely limited and I'm having issues (albeit newbie ones) with the
ActiveHome & Firecracker gear...

Right Now I have 5 Cameras, Motion Sensors, Remotes, and the controller
modules all terminating into my NT Server.
Their MultiView software seems to keep my CPU around 90-100% - not

What pieces are you using - and how has your luck been with multi-floor


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From: "David Kramer" <david at>
To: "BLU Boston Linux Unix group" <discuss at>
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 10:52
Subject: X10 discount

> Some of you may remember the home automation demonstration I did a while
> ago at a BLU meeting.   One of my main sources of HA goodies is
> X10 now has a program for people who have been on their mailing list for a
> while like I have.  They set up a referral program where if you follow the
> link and give them your email address, they email you a voucher
> for $15 off, and I get one too.
> If you're concerned about spam, let me assure you that I never get any
> unexpected mail from them (I am on their periodic list and get free
> vouchers for $15 and $20 occasionally, but I'll take that!)
> The link is at
> PS.  I am against advertising on this list.  However, since you would be
> getting a discount too, and I don't work for X10 or own stock in them or
> anything, I see this as more passing along a good deal from a third party
> than advertising on BLU.  If you disagree strongly enough, please let's
> not clutter the list; reply to me directly.
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