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Using Opera as a browser...

> I tried Opera when I discovered it in 1996.  I have followed it's 
> development, anxiously awaiting a java release.  I have not gotten a chance 
> to play with the Linux version, but must say the the Windoze version is a 
> welcome change from IE and Netscape.  It is SOOOO much better. If they get a 

I agree, it's very fast and lightweight, as well.  Despite the speed, my beef with it is that I don't find it has all the features I would like, and the UI looks (IMO) like ass and isn't nearly configurable enough.  Besides, IE's still faster under Windows. ;-)

> java version for Linux, it will be that much better.  In fact, I heard it 
> said in a review of Opera, that is might take the place as Linux's browser 
> of choice.

I would tend to doubt that, being that the "free" version has those nice flashing ads, as well as the fact that it's not free by most definitions.  I'm think the title would eventually to Konqueror or Mozilla, and I might add that Mozilla 0.9.1 is VERY sweet.

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