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[BLU.] Re: connectivity

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Derek D. Martin wrote:

> Kent Borg said:
> > Derek Martin <ddm at> wrote:
> > >SSH also replaces rcp.
> >
> > Very nice.  Slight problem, at my work the firewall isn't letting my
> > ssh sessions out.  I can't ssh to my box or to the World, but I can
> > ssh from the World to my box.
> Do you mean to say that you can't ssh from your machine to machines
> outside your network?
> I'd agree that this sounds like a firewall issue, but without being
> able to look at it, it's really tough to say.

How about trying to ssh to another machine to see which end is
complaining.  Try ssh'ing to from work.  If you get a
user/password prompt, you know it's not the firewall at work.

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