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Replacement for pine?

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 07:41:18PM -0400, R. Ransbottom wrote:
> I'm upgrading my home system and am looking for advice
> on replacing the mail/news program pine.

One thought is, you seem to like pine based on what you say here, so
maybe you should stick with it.  Why bother replacing it?

> I like the curses menu of folders that
> pine has, I don't find that in mutt (?!).

Well, it's different, and you have to tell mutt what folders you want
to see, but it DOES have something similar.  Mutt is what I use, and I
like it quite a bit.  I've never tried to use it with newsgroups
though, so I can't say how well that works.  You sound like you've
tried it though...

> I can't fathom how anyone uses Navigator to
> view news.

I've used Netscape for news in the past, and I really didn't have a
problem with it.  I liked FreeAgent (for Windows) a lot better, but
found Netscape adequate.  

For FA fans, there's a news reader very similar which is part of the
gnome project, but I don't remember the name, and it's NOT
text-based.  Someone, no doubt, will know what I'm talking about...
But it's not what you're looking for if you must be able to run text
mode.  At least I don't think it does text mode.


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