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[AIP] [aip-495] Heads up -- AIP-495 meeting on March 5th ... (fwd)

Forwarded earlier, but somehow it didn't make it through.

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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 13:52:04 -0800
From: AIP-495 Mailing List <aip495-mailinglist at>
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To: aip-495 at
Subject: [AIP] [aip-495] Heads up -- AIP-495 meeting on March 5th ...

There will be an AIP-495 meeting on March 5th:

DATE: March 5, 2002
TIME: 6:30 PM

I send out more details on the meeting tomorrow - please look for the
next notice -- there will be some important information on it. The website
will be updated tonight (could be the wee hours). I apologize for the
delayed notice, and hope you still have the meeting in your calendars.

At the meeting, I will speak about AT&T's changing of their customers'
domain name from (and to, and
some other relevant information. The talk will be shorter than usual
to allow for some discussion and other agenda items.

A lot of new people have been signing up, so come and meet each other.

See you soon. -Alice, email list admin

P.S. A few of you might get duplicate notices because updates to the have been taking awhile, so I've sent some people individual

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