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[Isig] web pages hosted under

Did ATTBI customers receive some court papers in the mail today?

I received some today discussing some legal action against Mediaone for 
this fiasco.

I would like to hear opinion and what further action we (collectively) 
should take.

Are there any other listservs (or other areas) we should post this as well?


At 09:26 PM 2/27/2002 -0500, Alice Marie wrote:
>Brian and all,
>AT&T was quite clear that they would not even attempt to transfer any 
>sites. People will have to make sure they had copies of their files and 
>then upload them to the new server.
>Further, apparently supported FrontPage extensions and 
> will not, so those websites will have to be redone. With 
>FrontPage, you can work directly on the server, so there may be people who 
>never did have copies of their files.
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>From: Brian A Bay <brianabay at>
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>Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 20:53
>Subject: [Isig] web pages hosted under
> > Hi Guys,
> >
> > For those who host websites under, I strongly
> > suggest you save your files now as I wouldn't depend on AT&T Broadband to
> > save them when they make the change over.
> >
> >                                                       --Cheers,
> >                                                          Brian
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