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2.5 inch hard drive mounting holes

I have in old Netwinder I'm trying to resurrect. The 2 GB drive in it died 
about two years ago, and last night I pulled it apart with the intent of 
replacing it with a 6 GB IBM drive from an old laptop that had died long 

However, I discovered that the mounting holes were spaced differently,
and when I poked aroud IBM's web site for specs on their Travelstar
drives, I found no mention of the mounting holes.

I've managed to get the thing to work with an nfs-mounted root, but
I'm hoping to use it as a portable server for the BLU meetings and 
installfests, so I need to get it working from a hard drive.
The disk image I pulled from is about 1.5 GB when
uncompressed, so I need at least a 2 GB drive.

The Netwinder mounts the drive onto its motherboard; the posts screw into
the bottom of the hard drive using four holes that are roughly a third
of the way in along the length of the drive. The holes on the 6 GB drive
are all at the outer edges of the drive, with no holes a third of the way
in, so I'm unable to install it into the Netwinder.

I'd consider ordering a new drive, except i can't figure out how to make
sure the mounting holes are spaced correctly. Does anybody know how to 
determinie this for a particular drive? The pdf files from the IBM site
describe their drives' physical dimensions and other details, but they
make no mention of where the mounting holes are located.

Failing that, does anybody have an old laptop drive they could spare 
that has the mounting holes spaced the way I need? 


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