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(no subject)

Let's assume that by "hack" you mean being a fearless and tasty writer of
code or documentation.

You clearly have a web browser.  Have you hacked that?  Do you have a
website already?  Do you know how to make images change on mouseover?
If you're sitting on a Windows box you can install Apache
( and learn how to hack PHP4 (  You can
get Perl (, and learn that.
ActiveState also has Python and TCL available for Windows.  You can
dredge up a copy of Emacs for Windows and learn how to hack elisp.
There's an amazing amount of stuff to "hack": Java is free from, you can get Dr. Scheme from Rice University, you can
walk into any computer store and come out with cheap editions of
Borland C++Builder or JBuilder.  There's this cool thing called Squeak
that was done by Apple & Disney.

If you're interested in hacking documentation get your HTML, CSS, XML
and DocBook act together and go for it.  Go hang out at

If you're really interested in Linux you might want to start at

You might want to save up some pennies and hit Softpro and look around
- it's all tech all the time.  If you're in Eastern Mass there's a
store you can get to.  See for directions.

Then again if by "hacking" you mean you want to mess with other
people's gear and waste lots of their time cleaning up after you I
have two words for you Donkey: 1) Fuck 2) Off.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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