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attbi port blockage

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Ron Peterson wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 08:10:00PM -0500, David Loszewski wrote:
> > Of what I've been told they're gonna be shutting down almost all ports
> > including httpd and pop/smtp.  everything will have to be done
> > internally as we are already seeing due to the fact that AT&T will only
> > allow us to check our accounts over a browser when outside fo
> > the network.
> No offense to David, but can anyone confirm or deny this?

No, but I have another ATTBI question. In my experience (Watertown,
M1X customer for close to 3 years), ATTBI's routes have started to
suck immensely. There are numerous websites I can get to from my
office but not from my home---,,
and a host of others. I've used traceroute and confirmed that most
of the problems seem to be with ATT's peering to other backbone

I've called tech support several times about the fact that their
routing is hosed and that they need to check these things out, and
I've gotten nothing useful. The techs always want to coach me
through clearing my browser cookies and other useless chickenwaving.
Moreover, they can't even give me an incident tracking number where
I can check to see that my problem's been addressed.

Has anyone had these problems with ATTBI and had success in
resolving them? What's the secret?

Shane R. Landrum         slandrum at                __o
"In the end, you write the book that grabs you                -\<,
by the throat and demands to be written." - Salman Rushdie  (*)/(*)

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