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compaq Prosignia 500

I think I mentioned that Red Hat provides TLAN drivers in the "drvnet.img"
disk in the same images directory as the other images.  If you just type
"linux dd" at the lilo boot prompt, it asks for the disk, loads the driver,
and you are on your way.  If you have rolled your own, it is also very cool.

Still does not help with the Smart Array controller, but boy are we set to
help with TLAN!

Chuck Young
Security Consulting
Genuity E-Services

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What type of install are you attempting?

Local CDROM?

Probably unrelated to your problems, but I do know that the RedHat
bootnet.img does no longer  supports the compaq TLAN driver.  I have
rolled my own bootnet.img which does work with TLAN if anyone is

jmiu wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have recently aquired a Compaq Prosignia 500 (Pentium 120 with 32M RAM)
> from my employer. I am trying to install Linux Redhat 7.2 on it to use as
> file server for my home.
> I am having problems with Red Hat not being able to see the Compaq EISA
> Array 2 controller and the SCSI HDs attached to it. I have been looking
> around the webany tried various suggestion without any success.
> Has anyone on this list had success intalling the above configuration? or
> perhaps suggest a different distro?
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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