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O'Reilly Authors at Softpro Books, Burlington

Note: This was sent to a few of the user group leaders. SoftPro books has been very good to the 
Linux community both in hosting the Linux Demo Days and a couple of mini-installfests. 

Several O'Reilly authors--as well as Tim O'Reilly--will be speaking in
the near future at Softpro Books in Burlington (details below). If you
know of ways we could spread the word about these upcoming events,
please let me know at marsee at

Books will be discounted during the event, and there will be door

Open Invitation to SIGS and User Groups: Softpro is happy to host your
group. They have space to accomodate up to 30 people in Burlington and
up to 12 in Marlborough.

Softpro Events:

Tim O'Reilly on Emerging Tech Trends
Wednesday, March 13--6:30 PM
Tim will talk about emerging tech trends that O'Reilly & Associates is
following, including bioinformatics, community wireless, web services,
and the evolution of what he's calling "the internet operating system."
For more information on Tim O'Reilly see:

Jesse Liberty on ASP v. ASP.NET
Wednesday, March 20--6:30 PM
The principal difference between ASP.NET and ASP is that the new
programming model is more object-oriented and more event-driven. This
will be illustrated by extracting records from a database and filling a
DataGrid in a web form, coloring some records based on their content,
and responding to the ItemDataBound event. Along the way Jesse will
also explain how to create code-behind pages for web forms, how to
retrieve data from a database and how to populate the DataGrid. Jesse
Liberty is the author of "Programming ASP.NET" and "Programming C#"
among others. To see more information on Jesse Liberty or the books he
has written for O'Reilly, visit:

Erik Ray on Perl and XML
Wednesday, April 3--6:30-8:00 PM.
Erik Ray is coauthor of the upcoming book "Perl & XML"

 XML is a text-based markup
language that has taken the programming world by storm. More powerful
than HTML yet less demanding than SGML, XML has proven itself to be
flexible and resilient. XML is the perfect tool for formatting
documents with even the smallest bit of complexity, from Web pages to
legal contracts to books. However, XML has also proven itself to be
indispensable for organizing and conveying other sorts of data as well,
thus its central role in web services like SOAP and XML-RPC. As the
Perl programming language was tailor-made for manipulating text, few
people have disputed the fact that Perl and XML are perfectly suited
for one another. The only question has been what's the best way to do

Noel Rappin on Jython
Wednesday, April 24--6:30-8:00 PM.

Noel Rappin is coauthor of "Jython Essentials"
Jython is an
implementation of the Python programming language written in Java,
allowing Python programs to integrate seamlessly with any Java code.
The secret to Jython's popularity lies in the combination of Java's
libraries and tools with Python's rapid development capabilities.
"Jython Essentials" provides a solid introduction to the language,
numerous examples of Jython/Java interaction, and valuable reference
material on modules and libraries of use to Jython programmers.

All events to take place at:

Softpro Books
112 Mall Road
Burlington MA 01803-5300
Phone: (781) 273-2919 Feldman <gaf at>
Associate Director
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