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Digital Camers WRT: Smart Media vs. CF media

"Jerry Feldman" <gaf at> writes:
> My laptop runs Linux, and I will be taking that with me, so I do want to
> be able to at least look at and possibly download the pictures onto the
> laptop.

> So, one question is, how compatable are these cameras with Linux when
> downloading via USB?

I don't really know much about USB, but I have a pcmcia->CF adapter that I
use in my laptop that works great under linux.  The CF ends up looking like
an ide drive.  After appropriate configuration, it even mounts automatically
when I stick it in the pcmcia slot.  I think it's a neater solution than
usb because it means no extra wires, and no reader.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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