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Microsoft pressured Dell to discontinue Linux support

Gee, I wonder if they are going to try to push 'big blue' the same way 
seeing as how they made their public statement commiting 1 billion dollars 
to linux.
I also read in the February issue of Linux Format that the Chinese 
government ( specifically the son of the Chinese president ) has created 
their own version called 'Red Flag Linux'.  They are marketing it to the 
over 1.2 billion citizens of china to replace the Windows operating system.  
They, like everyone else are quite fed up with price hikes and crappy OS's.



>From: "Jerry Feldman" <gaf at>
>To: discuss at
>Subject: Microsoft pressured Dell  to discontinue Linux support
>Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:21:41 -0500
>The following is quoted from the following in eWeek
>March 18, 2002
>Microsoft, States Debate Remedies
>By  Darryl K. Taft
>Kuney (atty Stephen Kuney) introduced a Microsoft memo to Ballmer, from the
>spring of 2000, that
>called into question Dell Computer Corp.'s backing of Linux. The memo said
>it was  "untenable that a Windows Premier Partner would be promoting
>Linux." A subsequent memo, from early 2001, showed that Dell had disbanded
>its Linux business unit, laid off the head of the unit and dispersed the
>talent, Kuney said. He introduced other similar memos regarding Compaq
>Computer Corp.'s Linux push and Microsoft's alleged pressure on Compaq to
>"meet demand but not help create demand" for Linux.
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