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experience with OpenOffice

"Derek D. Martin" <ddm at> writes:

> At some point hitherto, John Abreau hath spake thusly:
> > I've got it running fine on Redhat 7.2. I installed it a while back;
> > I just fired it up to check the version. Looks like I'm running
> > version 627.
> What do you think of it?  Can you compare it to SO 5.2?

For simple Word documents I've received in email, it worked great.
It starts up faster than SO 5.2, and it opens as a normal window
instead of that annoying full-screen "desktop" that SO 5.2 used.

I did have one document that didn't open properly; Jerry had sent me
a Word document with a receipt form for our last Mt. Ida Installfest,
about a year ago, and it wouldn't open properly in OpenOffice, AbiWord,
CorelOffice, or ApplixWare. I didn't have SO installed at the time, so
for all I know it probably wouldn't have opened in that either.

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