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NOSI help for Circuit Riders Roundup

NOSI is the Nonprofit Open Source Initiative (   

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Well, we're now planning the first such event, for the Roundup Conference in
Orlando next month ( Its called the Open Source 
Cyber Cafe. It's described in
the note below, which we'll post to the Riders list next week, once the
project has been announced. But I wanted to give the heads up to those of
you attending the Roundup who may be planning early how to spend your time
there. Hopefully you can find an hour to help out with this exciting

I should also mention that if this goes well, we plan to hold similar events
at other non-profit conferences in the future.

I look forward to meeting those of you going to Orlando, and thanks again
for your interest in NOSI.

Reuben Silvers
NOSI Project Lead
reuben at
w) 202-785-5340

PS - If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I?ll be out next week,
but you can also contact Michelle Murrain, tech at

Here's the info...


If you plan on attending the Roundup in Orlando next month, then how would
you like to?

o Help NOSI introduce conference attendees to Linux and other open source

o Help provide a useful service to attendees, and make the Roundup a

o Learn about Linux terminal server and other cool open source software?

o Impress your friends and colleagues with the fact that you?re a NOSI

If you answered yes to any of these, then we need your help staffing the
Open Source Cyber Caf?, which NOSI will operate at the Roundup all day
Friday and Saturday (April 12 ? 13).

The Caf? is an innovative way to expose organizations in the nonprofit
community to the wonders of open source software. It?s nothing more than a
traveling booth, equipped with networked laptops connected to the Internet
and loaded with open source software.  By offering a central place for
conference attendees to check email, surf the Net, or edit documents, The
Caf? provides a free place for Riders and others to explore Linux and other
open source software; some for the first time.

We are looking for volunteers to staff the Caf? in one-hour intervals.
Volunteers do not need to be open source experts, although some user
experience with Linux, other open source software, and networks/Internet
would help. The more important qualifications are an interest in open source
and a willingness to answer questions and help users. We will also need
volunteers to help with set-up and take-down at the start and end of each

This is the first event NOSI has sponsored, so we hope to make it a success.
If you are interested in helping out, please let me know how many hours you
could contribute, and the times you would be available.


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