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Digital Camers

I bought one in February - the new elph model - for a doctor in haiti who runs an adoption agency.  It doesn't have the features my larger Kodak has, but the small size and extremely clear picutures have left him very delighted.  The size is like a 'personal size' bar of soap.  I sent it off before I ever got the chance to turn it on, but he has been very happy, and a friend on Long Island made the recommendation.  He has the older model.  It came with a small card, maybe 8 MB, but the promise of a larger one, and a case and another battery by mail later after the registration goes in.  That hasn't come yet.  I got it for the same price as the big stores at a camera shop in Concord.  None of the big stores had one in stock even though they all advertised the low price and some stock in each store on their web site.  (Best Buy I think it was.)


Jerry Feldman
> Just to continue the discussion a bit. After looking at quite a few reviews 
> et. al., talking to friends, I've got a few ideas. I think I have limited 
> my search to those that have compact flash (CFI seems more than adequate). 
> The other issue is 2.1 MegaPixels vs. 3.3 MegaPixels. I'm probably not 
> going to take a picture and make it into a mural. Most pictures will simply 
> remain on a hard disk, and a few might be printed on my printer, and maybe 
> a few printed professionally. 
> Since I will be driving through the Rockies, I want to be able to take some 
> really nice pictures (My friend showed me some he took in Alaska with his 
> 2.1 MP Canon). 
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