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Benefits of owning a domain (was Re: Cross Yahoo off the list of free e-mail services!)

Paul Lussier <plussier at> writes:

> "Kenneth E. Lussier" said:
> >Domains are cheap these days, so anyone can afford it. Setting up the
> >servers really only requires a few old PC's, a Linux distro, and some
> >documentation. 
> You forgot one important thing:
> 	Affordable, high speed, always-on internet access.

No, that's not strictly necessary. It's still possible to set up a UUCP
email connection. It should cost a lot less than a broadband connection,
and it doesn't have to be always-on or high speed. I used UUCP for years
before I got my first dial-up ppp account, and it always worked reliably.

You'd need a couple of DNS servers to serve the MX record for your domain
that points to your UUCP neighbor, and that neighbor would have to
configure their mailserver to accept mail for your domain and queue it
in your UUCP spool area. It takes some effort to set up initially, but
after that it Just Works.

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