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linux and firewire

Abhishake Pathak <abhishake00 at> writes:

> how good is linux with firewire in terms of support and compatibility?

I had been trying it out for digital video every once in a while when
a new kernel came out. The first time I got it all working was with
kernel 2.4.16. I use Kino to import the video stream to a sequence of
DV AVI files and to do cuts-only editing, and mjpegtools to compress it
to MPEG.

It worked great up to a point, except that I don't have enough space on
a scsi drive to hold much of the video, and when I import the video onto
and IDE drive I get a lot of dropped frames. Also, I've been completely
unsuccessful in exporting the video back out to the camcorder.

Kino works great for simple, cuts-only editing of DV files, but as of the
last time I looked at it, it didn't yet support a number of basic
functions such as titles or transitions (fade-in, fade-out, etc).
There are commercial tools for Linux that do the more advanced video
editing functions, but they generally have high price tags. The one that
particularly comes to mind is about $10,000.

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