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Anti-Copy Bill Slams Coders

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, srl wrote:

> Incorrect. Read the Senate version of the bill:
> It clearly says that under the proposed law, any
> copyright-protection scheme that *doesn't* allow the purchaser to
> make copies for personal use is violating the law.

It also lists some interesting criteria for the proposed
copyright-protection software/scheme, including that the common
implementation of it must be "open source". However, it doesn't
define what "open source" means in this context. Sloppy wording, if
nothing else, but it's worth a read for the things that the geek
press *isn't* telling you.

Shane R. Landrum         slandrum at                __o
"In the end, you write the book that grabs you                -\<,
by the throat and demands to be written." - Salman Rushdie  (*)/(*)

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