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On Thu, 2 May 2002, John Chambers wrote:

> RC writes:
> | So you find the inconveniences of mailing-list servers annoying?
> | I do too.  Oh, well.  You can always filter out the messages
> | that have the header "Subject: <servername> mailing list
> | memberships reminder".
> Doesn't this sorta miss the point?  Sending passwords in the clear in
> email  messages  is just totally wrong.  Especially now that ISPs are
> routinely  "harvesting"  information  from   email   for   commercial
> purposes,   and  not  even  trying  to  hide  the  fact.   Sending  a
> uid/password pair via email is one of the most  irresponsible  things
> that any software (or administrator) can possibly do. If you're going
> to do this, you shouldn't even bother with passwords.

Thank you!  That is my point!  My procmail script is almost 250 lines long
and I am perfectly capable of removing these messages.  I do not want them
sent in the first place, and will drop any list that insists on it.  Maybe 
I'm paranoid, but I get WAY too much spam to let others help it along.

DDDD   David Kramer                 
DK KD  "On two occasions, I have been asked [by members of 
DKK D  Parliament], 'Pray, Mr.  Babbage, if you put into the machine
DK KD   wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not 
DDDD   able to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that 
       could provoke such a question."            -- Charles Babbage

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