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Installing X

Well, I did DL & try the RPMs first. :-) But they had several dependencies 
I could not resolve: libXaw3d, and kernel-drm(?) I noticed that the 2.4.9 
kernel RPM solved the kernel-??? dependency, but I could not figure out the 
libXaw3d thing. I don't need anything fancy now as the server has a 1MB 
Mach64 video card in it (can you say 800x600x16 bit?).


At 10:19 AM 5/3/02 -0400, Matthew J. Brodeur wrote:

>    You might be better off finding RPMs for 4.2.0 and using them instead.
>I'm a firm believer that package managers are an all-or-nothing
>proposition.  I know that RedHat systems just tend to work better if
>you stick to RPM for EVERYTHING.
>    Pre-built XFree86 4.2.0 RPMs are available from rawhide, beta, or 7.3
>(when the FTP directories get unlocked).  The ones in beta/skipjack are
>the newest available ATM (4.2.0-6.52).  They'll be binary compatible with
>any 7.x system, but you might have a bunch of dependencies to satisfy.
>Kind of tedious, but it should get X installed the way everything else on
>the system expects it to be.

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