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Redhat 7.3 or Suse 8.0

On Sat, 11 May 2002, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> My preference is SuSE 8.0. My first install encountered a couple of I/O 
> errors, but later at home, I deleted the partition and SuSE installed 
> perfectly. I then set up the network and performed an online update. SuSE 
> has an online update festure which you can set to manual or automatic.
> 8.0 Professional costs about $80. 
> CPU Sales in Waltham has it for about $69. 
> Their URL is

How do you feel about SuSE for small but complex servers like mine at 
home vs Red Hat?

As I've mentioned before, I've tried several older versions of SuSE, and 
was frustrated by things like a significant portion of the text in man 
pages and documentation and install screens were in German.  Is that still 
an issue?

Also, I despise YAST, and any configuration tools that are
database-driven, like Windows' registry.  Can one configure the system
manually without screwing up things?

> Dennis Maher gave the BLU a case of beer for last year's BLU BarBQue.

I _knew_ I liked him!

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