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CPU's and motherboards?

On Mon, 13 May 2002, Scott Prive wrote:
> I just build a smokin Linux system a few months back, for under a grand:

> Pioneer DVR-104 2x DVD-R burner ($340 from works with my 2
> year old DVD Video player can you believe it?! :-)

Are those guys reliable?

> This is a dual-boot system. I have not tried the DVD-R under Linux yet.

I'm very curious about burning DVDs and video capture under Linux, but the 
information on every source I've found on the net has been so outdated or 
confusing I'm resigning to just doing that under Windows.

> I have no idea about Matrox cards in Linux, but I would be sure that the
> card not only "works" in Linux, but also has hardware-accelerated OpenGL
> support. 3D setup in Linux can still be quirky. For that reason I would
> suggest NVidia cards over ATI any day.

The thing about the NVidia cards is you have to get the proprietary binary 
driver on there after installation for it to work.  That makes me a little 
nervous, so I was thinking Matrox instead.

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