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Wanna go to a computer show?

At 02:14 AM 5/14/2002 -0400, John Abreau wrote:

>As I said before, I haven't received the one I ordered yet, so I have no
>experience with it to pass on. My experience in the past with scsi vs ide
>has consistently shown me that scsi performance is far better than ide,

I'm very aware of the benefits of SCSI in a server environment. That's why 
I've resisted just getting an ATA100 card and a <$100 IDE drive to put in 
my home server. Can you recommend any inexpensive, quality SCSI drives in 
the 18-36 GB range? In a previous post Derek mentioned an IBM drive. Do you 
know anything about this drive? Should IBM SCSI drives also be avoided like 
the plague that are their IDE drives?

SCSI Storage, 36GB: $145

>The bottleneck with ide has to do with how it ties up the cpu while it's
>active. In principle the bridge should encapsulate this behavior cleanly,
>and present decent scsi performance to the outer system. I'll find out
>for sure once I get my hands on the unit.

I'd be very interested to hear about your experience w/ this device. Please 
post when you have a valid comparison ready. The price difference of large 
IDE drives would make it worth using this device if it works well. Thanks.


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