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boot hangs at init

Sounds like you are missing some modules or that your modules are built for 
the Athalon.
Scott Garman wrote:
> Hi folks, maybe someone out there who has been in this situation can
> help me out. Here's the story:
> I had a bad case of CPU meltdown which apparently also damaged my
> motherboard. It was an Athlon system running RedHat 7.2, with the stock
> RedHat "athlon" kernel RPM. I've ordered a new mb and CPU combo
> (identical to what I had before) but in the meantime I have an older
> K6-2 CPU and motherboard that I thought I would try to swap in instead. 
> The system wouldn't boot with the athlon kernel so I used the RedHat cd
> in rescue mode and copied an i386 kernel (vmlinuz) and initrd to /boot
> and pointed GRUB to them on startup. Now the system does start to boot,
> the kernel is loaded into memory, and I get a bunch of hardware
> detection messages. However, it hangs after displaying, "Freeing unused
> kernel memory" which is the message it normally shows right before init
> is started. I edited rc.sysinit to echo something at the top of the file
> so I know it's not reaching that point. My question is, what reasons
> would init hang and what might I do to try to fix it?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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