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Deleting garbage file names

Somehow, one of my directories got corrupted, specifically 
/lib/modules.2.2.4-16/kernel/drivers/usb/serial. This was effectively 
preventing me from starting pcmcia. Once I figured out why pcmcia was 
failing, I created a new serial directory, moved in the file names that I 
could read. However, I could not get the rm command to remove the directory 
with -rf --directory --force, or whatever.

Years ago on Unix, I used to have a way to delete files by use of the inode 
number, but I have since forgotten how.
What I want to do it to blow the directory away even if it is non-empty, 
and let fsck reconnect the 2 or 3 files in the directory,

The other question is when I do a reiserfsck with --check, fsck does report 
some corruption and recommends using the --rebuld-tree option, but this is 
on the root file system, and it refuses to run with this option on a 
mounted files system.  I could boot from CD Rom except the CD-ROM on my 
laptop likes to disappear each summer (Which I recently tracked down to a 
loose cable).
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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