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Deleting garbage file names

Maybe not impossible, but very difficult. I think one would need to 
actually much with the inode table, which is not a wise thing to do. My 
last class is on Tuesday night. After that I won't need my laptop until the 
fall if I resume teaching. So, next week I will boot the DVD-ROM (Which is 
now working again) and run reiserfsck --rebuild-tree. I did not want to do 
this until after the last class and I grade the finals. Everything 
important on the laptop has been backed up, so the issue is just time. 
Since I don't need to prepare lessons any longer I will have some weekend 
time to do this, clean my desk et. al.
"Derek D. Martin" wrote:

> I'm not positive that all this is true; OTOH the rmdir syscall does
> not allow the deletion of directories that aren't empty, and does not
> provide a way to force the issue.  I'm not aware of any other means of
> removing a directory on Linux.  IIRC, some variants allowed unlink()
> to remove directories; Linux's unlink() does not (it returns EPERM in
> such a case).  I think what you want is impossible.
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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