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broadband recommendations, Arlington

Since I'm coming in late, I'll echo others praises for Speakeasy. I've had 
DSL w/ them for a 1.5 yrs. I'm moving this month, so I'm sorry to be 
leaving them behind. However, they fit all your requirements below. As 
others said, they're not the cheapest but I think they are by far the most 
clueful. In this case you definitely get what you pay for. Static IPs... 
need I say more?

BTW, I also have a referral link in my sig. ;-)


At 10:30 PM 6/4/02 -0400, srl wrote:

>Thoughts? Anyone have suggestions on DSL providers? I'm looking for
>a> uptime b> clueful customer support c> friendliness to running
>small services from my machine d> fair pricing. I hear good things
>about Speakeasy, but I've also heard that they've gotten worse as
>they get larger.  I'd also like to get some idea of how long I can
>expect to wait on a DSL or cable install.

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