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HELP - Redirect output of already running process?

I didn't realize how much discussion my problem would generate.  This 
all started when I found a huge memory leak in SecureCRT, a Windows ssh 
client.  VanDyke Software is aware of it and is looking into it.  The 
leak occured when I was in the middle of running a process that takes 
days to complete and generates a lot of informational output.  Today, I 
was looking at my terminal session and Windows brought up a warning that 
I was low on virtual memory.  Looking at the Task Manager, I saw that 
SecureCRT was consuming up over 550 MB!!  I almost fell off my chair. 
 VanDyke really makes great software so this was just an oversight but a 
big one.  In fact, they responded to my bug report within an hour which 
speaks miles of them unlike the idiotic non-support from most vendors. 
 So, I could have stopped the process which would have meant having to 
run it again for a few days or come up with a temporary solution.  I 
chose the latter.  Unfortunately, I lost my output which made it 
impossible to know if the process encountered any errors but it worked 
and the process actually completed a little while ago.  In the future, 
I'm going to just redirect to a file when I start the program, put it in 
the background and just "tail -f" the log file.  At the very least, this 
discussion has been interesting and has shown that we have a lot of 
technical expertise in our group!


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