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Deleting garbage file names

Since I've got my finals graded and the grades turned in, I went back to 
experimenting with the laptop. As I had mentioned, the reiser file system 
was installed as root. I booted the SuSE installation DVD, clicked on the 
rescue menu. They include reiserfsck on their rescue system. So, I simply 
ran reiserfsck --rebuild-tree.

After that ran, I rebooted the laptop successfully. The garbaged directory, 
which I had moved to /tmp was now empty and deletable. The 3 files were now 
in lost+found. I used strings to figure out what those files were, and 
placed them back in the serial directory. So, even with reiser as the root 
file system, it is reparable, though I'd prefer it to be repairable while 
mounted as read-only like ext2 or ext3.
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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