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Root filesystem 100% full

Your problem is the file in /tmp. (Probably should have been /var/tmp if 
/var is a separate file system). 
When removing open files in Unix/Linux, you do not physically delete the 
If /var is on the root file system, look in  the /var/log directory. If you 
remove some log files, you mail need to restart a daemon. maillog can get 
huge. Also, check to see if there is any .netscape/cache files in root. 

the X11 tree can be rather large. I used to copy it to another file system, 
then after copying it, rename the original directory, create a symlink, and 
then delete the renamed original directory. (The order is intended as to 
reduce the time the directory is unavailable). Really, there is very little 
in the root file system that really needs to be there. while you are in 
multi-user mode. However, moving things like /sbin can render your system 
unusable at boot time. But, if you don't mind taking a risk, that is a 
On 10 Jun 2002 at 15:33, Robert La Ferla wrote:

> I have a server running 2.4.17 and the root filesystem / is 100% full. 
>  I did a 'du -x / | sort -rn' to see what could be taking up the space 
> but I don't see anything obvious.  In fact, I've cleaned up and moved 
> some directories to other drives and it keeps filling up.  I thought it 
> was some sort of log file but I can't find one that could be causing the 
> problem.  I am running a huge multi-threaded process that I redirected 
> to a file in /tmp.  I did delete the file by mistake.  Could that be the 
> cause of this?  Any ideas?  Unfortunately, I can't reboot because I have 
> to wait till that process completes which may take days!
> Thanks,
> Robert
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