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Root filesystem 100% full

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Robert La Ferla wrote:

> I have a server running 2.4.17 and the root filesystem / is 100% full. 
>  I did a 'du -x / | sort -rn' to see what could be taking up the space 
> but I don't see anything obvious.  In fact, I've cleaned up and moved 
> some directories to other drives and it keeps filling up.  I thought it 
> was some sort of log file but I can't find one that could be causing the 
> problem.  I am running a huge multi-threaded process that I redirected 
> to a file in /tmp.  I did delete the file by mistake.  Could that be the 
> cause of this?  Any ideas?  Unfortunately, I can't reboot because I have 
> to wait till that process completes which may take days!

If it turns out that this output log file is not the culprit, here's a 
command that I use to look for large directories:

find $1 -mount -maxdepth 4 -type d -mtime -7 -exec du -s {} \; | sort -rn

Note that a directory's size includes the size of all its subdirectories 
too, so first-level directories are bound to be larger.  Look for second, 
third, or fourth level directories near the top of the list.

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