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What is reboot=bios?

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Christoph Doerbeck A242369 wrote:
> I noticed that RedHat released a new kernel which (in addition to
> other fixes) corrects a reboot=bios thing.
> What are they talking about?
> Is this a kernel option?
> - christoph
> - Ya... I could've googled, but there's no community there. It's hollow.

Hello Christoph,
I'm am one of your friendly community Google agents.
I found a link in which the information has been

    <CTRL><ALT><del> now performs a cold reboot instead
    of a warm reboot for increased hardware compatibility.
    If you want a warm reboot and know it works on your
    hardware, add a "reboot=warm" command line option in
    LILO. A small number of machines need "reboot=bios" to
    reboot via the BIOS.

There is also some information in `man bootparam`:

       (Only when CONFIG_BUGi386 is  defined.)   Since  2.0.22  a
       reboot  is by default a cold reboot.  One asks for the old
       default  with  `reboot=warm'.   (A  cold  reboot  may   be
       required  to reset certain hardware, but might destroy not
       yet written data in a disk cache.  A warm  reboot  may  be
       faster.)   By default a reboot is hard, by asking the key-
       board controller to pulse the reset line low, but there is
       at  least one type of motherboard where that doesn't work.
       The option `reboot=bios' will  instead  jump  through  the

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