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Linux Email Clients

I'm considering evaluating a new email client for myself. I have been using 
exmh on Unix and Linux for 10 years, and I like it. And so far, I have yet 
to find a Linux replacement that fits the bill. My requirements are:

1. Must easily support multiple identities. That is I must be able to click 
on a menu to select my identity (eg. from address). I use about 6 or 7. 

2. Must easily suport multiple signatures. Again, must be easily clickable.

3. Must support GNUPG for signed and encrypted messages. 

4. Must support html and embedded images. 

5. Must be able to send plain text only. 

6. Must be an X application, but should be able to coexist with a text 
version so I can read and send email via telnet. 

7. Highly desired: Support for MH mail folders. 

8. must have search capability within a fodler.

9. Must have local mail capability (eg. /var/spool/mail/<user> and 

I am considering looking at Evolution and Sylpheed. I just found aout about 
Sylpheed, and AFAIK, it does all (I'm not 100 sure about identities). -- stable  - development

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