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Linux Email Clients

Other than it looks too much like Outlook...
AFAIK, it meets most of my requirements, but the important two are the 
multiple identities. I need to be able to chose who I am at compose time. I 
would also like to chose my signature on the fly. 

I think that Evolution (and Sylpheed) meet all of my other requirements. 
I'll most likely install them on my laptop to play with. 

Eventually, I want to be able to run Linux on my PC at work under VMWare, 
and possibly dump Windows 2K altogether. Or, run my email from my Alpha. 
Until a week or so ago, the Alpha was on a different network. 

The reason for the multiple identity is what I'm doing right now. As I 
compose, I chose my blu identity. But, my normal identity is my HP address. 
Once pulldown, and I can morph to one of about 8 different identities. 
On 12 Jun 2002 at 16:41, Chris Tresco wrote:

> I would recommend Ximian Evolution.  It is a very capable client.

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