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local linux laptop

Seth Gordon <sethg at> writes:

> We have found room in our budget to spend about $1K on a laptop, and as 
> luck would have it, PCs for Everyone is selling such a machine 
> (, with about the same 
> computing horsepower as the (three-year-old) desktop machine I'm using 
> now.  Has anyone else tried using this machine (or others in the same 
> line -- I assume they have the same motherboard) with Linux?  Are there 
> better deals out there?

I saw a refurbished IBM Thinkpad at a few months ago for $799.
I think it was around 900 MHz. They might have something speedier by now
in the refurbished category. I would have jumped at it it I had been 
my experience with Thinkpads and Linux has been all good.

I recently became aware of the Fujitsu Lifebook P-2040; it's slightly 
than my Sony Vaio Picturebook, has a 1280x768 LCD display, and I think it
has 802.11 and 100bTX built in, so you don't tie up the pcmcia slot to get
networking. Also, you can swap out the cdrom drive for a second battery,
and then supposedly get 14 hours of battery life. This is now at the top 
of my wish list when I find a job. It's more than $1000, though.

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