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C Macro question

We should probably defer this to Finnbarr, but, there are only 2 C language 
standards, ISO 89 and ISO 99. XPG3 is a Unix specification which has been 
subsumed by Unix 98.
This and other specs defer to the outstanding C standards. Since I 
generally work in porting code, I try to keep my code portable. vsnprintf 
is a reasonably good function, and safer than vsprintf.
However, the issue in the code is to add something like a date and a 
standard message header for a log file. The first sprintf, effectively 
concatenates the date and the format specification, and vfprintf uses that 
result as the new format spec.
"Derek D. Martin" wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> At some point hitherto, Jerry Feldman hath spake thusly:
> > I write C code according to the C standard.
> Well, which one?  There are many C "standards" these days...  We have:
>   XPG3
>   ANSI C/ISO C89
>   ISO C99
>   IEEE 1003.1  (formerly POSIX.1)
>   IEEE 1003.1b-1993
>   IEEE 1003.1c-1995
>   About a dozen other C-specific POSIX standard extensions
>   SVID C specifications...
>   BSD C specifications...
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