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w2k alters mbr


I've used both boot loaders to boot both O/S's; they both do a good enough
job, and I think W2K boots GRUB so you can pass arguments if needed.

Personally, I think GRUB is nicer looking :-)  Just pick one and configure
it.  You should be able to google step-by-steps on either one, but let us
know if it does not work out, OK?

Chuck Young
Security Consulting
Genuity E-Services

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Rob Ransbottom
Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2002 12:08 PM
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Subject: SOT: w2k alters mbr

That's "Sorta On Topic".

My home computer suffered a lightening strike which
fried much of it.

Buying a new computer, (o joy, (note lowercase)),
I get w2k with it.

Being a curious sort I install it, everything
works okay except that w2k sets itself (hda3)
active, stealing the next boot.

Is there any way to stop w2k from doing this,
or to have grub fix it?

Incidentally, the old asus P2D with dual pentium
400s w/ sdram, looks pretty good compared to a asus P4
with a P4-1800 w/ ddram.  The P4 is faster, but the
P2D was always responsive, it rarely buried itself in
one task.


My set up is like so:

hda1 A  8M      ext2    grub
hda2    16Gig   cpm     w98_empty
hda3    16Gig   fat32   w2k
hda4    extended linux
hda5    100M    ext2    rescue
hdb5    250M    ext2    norm_root
and other nonbooting part's

rob                     Live the dream.

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