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M$ && Sending files back? [was: SOT: w2k alters mbr]

David Kramer <david at> writes:

> That's the right way to handle outbound to microsoft.  Unfortunately, all 
> attemtps I have made to set up DNS on my server at home have ended in 
> cusses, pain, frustration, and ice cream.  Even just the cacheing only 
> nameserver.  Even from RPM.  Then again, that was with MediaOne, not 
> Speakeasy DSL.

The biggest snag I tripped over when setting it up was ipchains. I found
that ipchains was blocking all DNS traffic until I opened UDP port 53
on both the server and on all Linux clients that were using ipchains.

The other thing is I ignored MediaOne's DNS servers entirely. Were you
trying to configure your DNS server to forward requests to MediaOne's 
DNS servers? I've seen a number of people do that, and I've always felt
that that was pointless. The only external nameservers your nameserver 
needs to know about are the root nameservers.

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