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M$ && Sending files back? [was: SOT: w2k alters mbr]

I may also go to the show. My daughter's PC just went TU. It's a 400Mhz 
PII. I think it may be the CPU. I pulled all the boards, reseated the CPU. 
I'll probably get a spare power supply since my wife's old system has a 
power supply with a dead fan.
David Kramer wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, John Abreau wrote:
> > David Kramer <david at> writes:
> > 
> > > I solved that problem by blocking all M$FT IP addresses I can find (excep
> t 
> > > hotmail) from a section in my firewall script that I can turn on and off.
> > 
> > I took the opposite approach. I added zones for (and
> >, and a few others) to my home DNS and set them to all
> > point at
> That's the right way to handle outbound to microsoft.  Unfortunately, all 
> attemtps I have made to set up DNS on my server at home have ended in 
> cusses, pain, frustration, and ice cream.  Even just the cacheing only 
> nameserver.  Even from RPM.  Then again, that was with MediaOne, not 
> Speakeasy DSL.
> I'm going to the KGP show to get the parts for my new Windows box this 
> weekend, and I'll probably be building my new linux server from my 
> existing Windows box in about two weeks.  Maybe I'll try again.
> As a side note, a coworker of mine is millimeters away from convincing me 
> to use the just-today-released FreeBSD 4.6 instead of Red Hat Linux 7.3.  
> That would be new ground for me, but it's supposed to be more stable and 
> more secure, and have a much better TCP/IP code base.  I'll probably 
> install it on some other box to play with for a while then decide.
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