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discussing flavors of POSIX [was M$ && Sending files back?]

David Kramer wrote:
>I would be very interested in such a discussion, but I'm not very up on
>the differences, since I was just told what I thought the differences were
>are no longer true.
>And you can not only watch, but learn!  That's what I plan to do.  
>Discussions like KDE vs Gnome are highly subjective.  But I'm sure we will 
>come up with several objective difference between *NIX and *BSD; some will 
>matter to me and some will not, but when we're done I will be able to make 
>a more informed opinion.

Would that be comparing Linux and UNIX with BSD?  Given the frequency
of comments over the years about how "Linux isn't UNIX because it
shares no code with UNIX, but BSD does" that should make for an
interesting discussion.  Seriously, though, a discussion of the
strength/weaknesses of various freely available POSIX-like systems would
be a good thing...

				Bill Bogstad
				bogstad at

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