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wireless interoperability

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Ron Peterson wrote:

> Does anyone have any specific experience getting various brands of
> wireless gear to interoperate?  Or know of any on-line compatability
> matrixes?
> Why, after the IEEE goes through the trouble of articulating standards,
> must we suffer vendor incompatibilities?  They wouldn't dare do this
> intentionally, would they?  What a cynical bastard I must be to suggest
> such a thing.

I have not heard of any 802.11b equipment having any compatibility 
problems with any other 802.11b equipment.  Of course some equipment works 
better than others (mostly a matter of range and distribution pattern.

I personally have mixed SMC, Lucent/Orinoco, and D-Link.

In this one case, they did things right.  Now, of course, there's 802.11a 
to mess things up.

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